Experts in permanent recruitment

At Trilogy, our specialist permanent consultants are among the best there are when it comes to recruitment in technology and business change and transformation. 

We know where the talent is

It’s likely the best candidate for the job is working for your competitor, is well rewarded and isn’t actively looking for a new opportunity. It’s our job to turn them into your next hire. We are constantly headhunting and building relationships with the very best talent across Europe and the US, so we can give you access to not just the best actively looking candidates, but also the best passive talent too; providing you with the widest coverage of the market.


We make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your organisation and its needs. We ask lots of questions up front, managing the recruitment process efficiently from day one and avoiding any surprises for both the client and the candidates. As a result, we have a 95% offer to acceptance.

Our Solutions

At Trilogy, we are able to offer a range of hiring solutions, including executive retained search, contingent recruitment, multi-hire appointments and assessment centres, building a talent bank of specialist skills that’s right for you. We are able to conduct salary bench-marking exercises, provide insight into market norms, advise on typical organisational design and feedback on your employer branding.

Find out more about our specialisms

Speak to one of our specialist consultants and find out how Trilogy can help you start the next chapter in your transformation.